The unofficial badass guide to Slush – 2018 edition

Nov 28, 2018Entrepreneurship, Future, Life, Startup

Yes! It’s that time of the year in Helsinki \m/

I spent already enough words describing what Slush is and what the ecosystem is around it, so if you want just spend few minutes watching this (it’s in English though it starts in Italian 😉 ).

The only unofficial badass guide to Slush

If you came here for the only unofficial badass guide to Slush. There you go.

Click below and get the PDF: it’s free, it’s useful, it’s smarter, it’s for badasses.


If you liked the slide ping back to this post 😉

Thanks and see you at Slush!


Ps. Kudos to Jussi Hellsten for the photo above: – Slush Media

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